Horses of Tir Na Nog
Wish List Items for Horses of Tir Na Nog

Want to help support our herd with the treats, supplies and goodies they need to stay happy and healthy? Your purchases and gifts help immensely. At this time, we especially need:


  • Metal curries
  • Rubber curries
  • Soft dandy brushes for faces
  • Coarse dandy brushes
  • Mane & tail brushes
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Bath sponges


Veterinary Supplies

  • Vet wrap (any color)
  • ECLAP gift cards
  • Elastikon*
  • Vetericyn
  • Equine quilts
  • Swat
  • Non-adhesive Gauze pads*


Pest Control

  • Fly spray, any brand
  • Quest wormers
  • Fly masks*
  • Fly traps



  • Rice bran pellets
  • 1/4 in. Bermuda pellets (100% Bermuda)
  • Bales of Bermuda hay
  • 3 qrt. buckets, any color


Toys/Enrichment items

  • Likit Holders and refills
  • Jolly Balls
  • Amazing Graze Treat Dispenser
  • Jolly Snack Holder
  • Jolly Apple Horse Toy
  • Traffic cones -- no reflective tape*


Corral Maintenance

  • Metal pronged leaf rakes
  • Metal scoop shovels
  • Shavings
  • 2-wheel manure cart
  • Push brooms
  • AQ70 Tubs


Most of these items can also be purchased at:
Double-S Tack and Feed
14335 Old Hwy. 80
El Cajon, CA 92021
You can make your Wish List purchase by phone: 619-443-9211

We create a safe haven for horses that have few options remaining, thereby ensuring them a better quality of life.

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